[Accepted] SE-0394: Package Manager Support for Custom Macros

Hello Swift community,

The review of SE-0394: Package Manager Support for Custom Macros ran from April 3...17, 2023.

Feedback was light and identified a few narrow areas of concern. One question—about whether the Target.macro(...) static method should have the same configuration parameters as its peers—identified an oversight in the drafting process. The language workgroup has asked the authors to update the proposal to reflect their actual intentions. It has also asked them to add discussion of other questions brought up during the review, although the language workgroup agrees that the proposed design made the right call on these issues.

As these corrections don't change the design in any way that could cause controversy, the language workgroup has decided to accept the corrected proposal.

Thank you all for your participation in this discussion!

Becca Royal-Gordon
SE-0388 Review Manager