[Accepted] SE-0369: Add CustomDebugStringConvertible conformance to AnyKeyPath

Hi all,

The review discussion for SE-0369: Add CustomDebugStringConvertible conformance to AnyKeyPath, has concluded. The Language Workgroup has decided to accept this proposal.

Feedback was light but focused on the meaning of "ideal" and "roughly" used to describe the implementation. Scenarios in which the resulting debug string would be "less-than-ideal" due to missing runtime information were clarified in a post by the proposal author and are outlined in the Detailed Design section of the proposal itself.

The language workgroup is keen to re-emphasize the point made in the proposal that, in line with the nature of debugging output, users should not rely on the best-effort result to be consistent either across platforms or across time on any specific platform. For example, additional debug information may become available in future on Linux and Windows which would enable more "ideal" debug strings for computed properties, or symbols may be stripped from reflection metadata in the default compiler mode with a future language version in such a way that degrades the debug string output. This proposal doesn't make any guarantees as to the exact string result.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the review.

Xiaodi Wu
Review Manager