[Accepted] SE-0220: count(where:)

SE-0220: count(where:) has been accepted .

Feedback on the proposal was extremely positive, and the proposal was accepted without modifications. Thank you to everyone who participated in the review!



What happened with count(where:)? I'm confused because the implementation was merged in September 2018, but I can't seem to find it in the Swift changelog.md, or in Xcode.

What Xcode are you using?

It needed to be reverted, Require parameter names when referencing to functions goes into more detail.


That's too bad! Thanks for the details. I know it probably won't fly, but I'd be okay with elementCount(where:) to fix the type checker ambiguity :smiley:

More seriously, I wonder if this would still be an issue with Swift 5.1? I thought I heard some type checker changes had to (or are currently) being made to handle SwiftUI.

@John_McCall Xcode 11/Swift 5.1 FWIW

@rudedogg here a follow up thread that tries to solve the issue which blocked the accepted proposal:


I imagine a lot of uses for this would have the pattern

someCollection.count(where: someCondition) == someConstant

Is that something the compiler could be clever about, and add short-circuiting (i.e. no need to keep going, if you've already surpassed a count of someConstant?

In principle, yes.

Was the option to rename the method to filteredCount(where:) considered? If yes, why did wasn't that option accepted?

I would suggest the name countEach(where:) as a compromise.

Many renamings are possible, but ideally we'll just fix the type checker issue =)


Well that works too. :stuck_out_tongue:

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