[Accepted] Amendment to SE-0426: BitwiseCopyable

Hi, Swift community!

An amendment was proposed to SE-0426: BitwiseCopyable to add a BitwiseCopyable constraint to the following associated types that were previously introduced by SE-0410: Low-Level Atomic Operations:

  • AtomicRepresentable.AtomicRepresentation
  • AtomicOptionalRepresentable.AtomicOptionalRepresentation

The Language Steering Group has decided to accept this amendment. The atomics APIs above have not yet been released in a production version of Swift, so the constraints can be added without breaking source or binary compatibility. Furthermore, the constraint is fundamental to the way these APIs work—had BitwiseCopyable been accepted into the language before SE-0410 was reviewed, those associated types would have had the requirement to begin with.

—Tony Allevato, on behalf of the Language Steering Group