A swift macro open source project to generate DTOs (data transfer object) easily

Hi Everyone,

I'm working on an open source library to generate DTOs and remove the boiler plate code.

You can find it here it's currently under development (no version released yet).
But the main features are already implemented and working (on the main).
It can :

  • generate an extension containing DTO nested types; init(from:) initialiser and private conversion closures
  • Convert one type to another with the user provided closure.
  • Change the DTO property name to fit the data received

Here is a small example of what it looks like :

Code written

struct MyData {
    @DTOProperty(name: "a_name")
    let name: String
    @DTOProperty(name: "date_of_birth")
    @ConvertDTOType(from: String, to: Date?, convert: { ISO8601DateFormatter().date(from:$0)})
    let birthdate: Date?

Code generated

extension MyData: DecodableFromDTOProtocol {
    public struct DTO: Decodable {
        public let a_name: String
        public let date_of_birth: String
    private struct DTOConversionProcessor {
        fileprivate static var date_of_birth: (String) -> Date? = {
            ISO8601DateFormatter().date(from: $0)
    public init(from dto: DTO) {
        self.name = dto.a_name
        self.birthdate = DTOConversionProcessor.date_of_birth(dto.date_of_birth)

So I came here for multiple things :

First to know if anyone is interested by using this project.
Second, to have your feed back on the library, its ease of use, its clarity and its efficiency.
And finally to discuss the best solution to implement the next features : Flattening types and expending types in a way that is not cumbersome.

Thank you in advance.
Cheers :slight_smile: