A place where community meets: Swift news aggregator proposal

(Dmitri Pavlutin) #1

Hi Swift enthusiasts!

My name is Dmitri Pavlutin. I'm a Swift enthusiast too!

I blog about Swift and JavaScript languages at https://rainsoft.io.

When I publish articles about Swift, one drawback (compared to
JavaScript situation) is the limited number of places where I can
share new articles. Such situation negatively affects the propagation
of new content about Swift.

In case of JavaScript, I have a big number of sites where to share. I
can submit to http://www.echojs.com/, https://jslive.com/,
http://javascriptkicks.com/ and https://www.javascript.com/news.
These sites bring a lot of benefits for bloggers (easier to gain
traffic), readers (much easier to discover valuable content) and as
result the popularity of JavaScript language itself.
echojs.com actually generates traffic to my blog comparable to twitter.com.

Swift should implement the same efficient strategy.
In my view, an aggregator (for Swift content only) brings the
following benefits:
- Easier for developers to find quality information about the language:
   * Newest articles, tutorials, books publishing, etc;
   * Language evolution announcements: new versions, hot proposals, etc;
   * Swift community news: conferences, meetups;
   * Promote the high-rated posts to top, by implement a voting system
(the way http://echojs.com does)
- Easier for bloggers to share their content and reach wider audience;
as result it stimulates to write more content about Swift;
Beneficial side effects:
- The backend side application must be written in Swift using Kitura,
Perfect or alternative;
- The application should be open sourced;
- Put efforts on code quality and performance. This should serve a
demonstration how comfortable Swift is for backend development.

The motto: "On Swift, about Swift, for Swift developers!"

Let's start the brainstorming:
- What do you think about the benefits of such a project?
- Why such an aggregator is better (or worse) than existing
alternatives like https://www.reddit.com/r/swift/?
- Maybe such a project is already in development. Do you know some?
- Swift needs you! Do you wish to participate?

Thank you, Dmitri.