5.2.1: Could not construct an expression context for the REPL

the custom build of version 5.2.1 does not work. the launch of swift ends with an error:

> swift

error: Could not construct an expression context for the REPL.

what could be the problem?

I don’t have an answer for you, sadly, but I think your question is more likely to get replies if you post it to the Using Swift or Development categories. The Server category does not generally cover the topics of building Swift toolchains or using the REPL.

In any new posts, I’d also recommend including a bit more information about what you are trying. It sounds like you’ve checked out the source code for the compiler and built it but it is not clear what OS you are on and it is possible you are using someone else’s build of the toolchain but if that is the case then it is definitely not clear.

but this message is posted on the Development category...

Sorry for the confusion. This is the Server category and the Development subcategory (Server/Development). My suggestion (and the linked category in my response) is the Development parent category under which I recommend the Compiler subcategory (Development/Compiler) if your problems are stemming from a custom build of the Swift compiler toolchain.

The recommendation to post there is really just because I believe you will more readily get the attention of folks who are more familiar with building the compiler.

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