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CryptoSwift CryptoSwift is a growing collection of standard and secure cryptographic algorithms implemented in Swift MongoKitten MongoKitten - Native MongoDB driver for Swift, written in Swift SwiftFormat SwiftFormat - A code library and command-line formatting tool for reformatting Swift code <a href=""></a> SwiftNIO <a href="" class="onebox" target="_blank"></a> GRDB GRDB.swift - A toolkit for SQLite databases, with a focus on application development SwiftProtobuf <a href="" class="onebox" target="_blank"></a> HoneyBee HoneyBee - A promises library for easy, safe concurrent programming.<br> <a href="" class="onebox" target="_blank"></a> Vapor vapor - 💧 A server-side Swift web framework. Sourcery Sourcery - Meta-programming for Swift, stop writing boilerplate code. Kitura <a href=""></a> SourceKitten SourceKitten - An adorable little framework and command line tool for interacting with SourceKit. SwiftLint <a href="" class="onebox" target="_blank"></a> Alamofire Alamofire is an elegant HTTP networking library written in Swift.
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