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[Accepted] SE-0248: String Gaps and Missing APIs (2)
[Accepted] SE-0245: Add an Array Initializer with Access to Uninitialized Storage (2)
[Accepted] SE-0242: Synthesize default values for the memberwise initializer (1)
[Accepted] SE-0241: Explicit Encoded Offsets for String Indices (2)
[Accepted with modifications] SE-0240: Ordered Collection Diffing (2)
[Accepted] SE-0239: Add Codable conformance to Range types (2)
[Accepted with Modifications] SE-0235: Add Result to the Standard Library ( 2 3 4 ) (62)
[Accepted with Modifications] SE-0237: Introduce with Contiguous {Mutable} Storage If Available methods (2)
[Accepted with Modifications] SE-0238: Package Manager Target Specific Build Settings (1)
[Accepted with Modifications] SE-0236: Package Manager Platform Deployment Settings (1)
[Accepted with Modifications] SE-0229: SIMD (3)
[Accepted] SE-0234: Remove Sequence.SubSequence (2)
[Rejected] SE-0231 - Optional iteration (2)
[Accepted] SE-0233 - Make Numeric Refine a new AdditiveArithmetic Protocol (2)
[Accepted] SE-0232 Remove some customization points from the Standard Library's Collection Hierarchy (2)
[Accepted] SE-230: Flatten nested optionals resulting from try? (1)
[Accepted] SE-0228: Fix Expressible By String Interpolation (2)
[Accepted with modification] SE-0221: Character Properties (2)
[Accepted] SE-0227: Identity Key Path (1)
[Accepted with Modifications] SE-0225: Adding isMultiple to BinaryInteger (6)
[Accepted] SE-0200: Enhancing String Literals Delimiters to Support Raw Text (2)
[Returned for review] SE-0223 Accessing an Array's Uninitialized Buffer (1)
[Accepted] SE-0226 Package Manager Target Based Dependency Resolution (1)
[Accepted] SE-0224: 'less than' operator in compilation conditions (1)
[Accepted] SE-0220: count(where:) (1)
Upcoming proposal reviews (August 1, 2018) (2)
Upcoming proposal reviews (July 19, 2018) (2)
[Rejected] SE-0217: The Unwrap or Die operator (2)
[Accepted] SE-0215: Conform `Never` to `Equatable` and `Hashable` (2)