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About Evolution Announcements (1)
[Accepted] SE-0227: Identity Key Path (1)
[Accepted with Modifications] SE-0225: Adding isMultiple to BinaryInteger (6)
[Accepted] SE-0200: Enhancing String Literals Delimiters to Support Raw Text (2)
[Returned for review] SE-0223 Accessing an Array's Uninitialized Buffer (1)
[Accepted] SE-0226 Package Manager Target Based Dependency Resolution (1)
[Accepted] SE-0224: 'less than' operator in compilation conditions (1)
[Accepted] SE-0220: count(where:) (1)
[Accepted, with pending discussion] SE-0221: Character Properties (1)
Upcoming proposal reviews (August 1, 2018) (2)
Upcoming proposal reviews (July 19, 2018) (2)
[Rejected] SE-0217: The Unwrap or Die operator (2)
[Accepted] SE-0215: Conform `Never` to `Equatable` and `Hashable` (2)
[Accepted] SE-0218: Introduce compactMapValues to Dictionary (1)
[Accepted] SE-216: User-defined dynamically callable types (1)
Amendment to SE-0202: Removing `Collection.randomElement` as a customization point (1)
[Accepted] SE-0211: Add Unicode Properties to Unicode.Scalar (1)
[Accepted] SE-0212: Compiler Version Directive (1)
Amendment to SE-0185: Synthesis of conformances declared on same-file extensions (8)
[Accepted] SE-0210: Add an offset(of:) method to MemoryLayout (2)
[Accepted] SE-202: Random Unification (1)
[Accepted] SE-0206: Hashable Enhancements ( 2 3 4 5 6 ) (115)
[Accepted] SE-0208 Package Manager System Library Targets (1)
[Accepted] SE-0209 Package Manager Swift Language Version API Update (1)
[Accepted with Revision] SE-0207 Add a containsOnly algorithm to Sequence (1)
[Accepted] SE-0204: Add last(where:) and lastIndex(where:) Methods (2)
[Accepted] SE-0205: withUnsafePointer(to: _:) and withUnsafeBytes(of: _:) for immutable values (1)
[Amendment] SE-0143 Conditional Conformance: Add Hashable conformance to std lib types (1)
Accepted: SE-199 – Add `toggle` to `Bool` (2)
[Accepted] SE-0194: Derived Collection of Enum Cases (2)